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What are Glass Curtains?
In a nutshell Glass Curtains are a number of glass panels that are connected together without an intrusive framework in order to provide a seamless panoramic view from your terrace, balcony or patio. When required these can be folded back like a pair of curtains to open up the area to the outside.

For your safety and comfort, Glass Curtains La Torre only install 10mm toughened tinted or clear glass panels to your property. However, these can be tailor made to fit snuggly into any shape or size of terrace, balcony or patio area, protecting you and your family from the external elements of the weather to create additional flexible all year round living space.

Industrial Glass engineering during recent years has witnessed dramatic leaps in technology. We frequently encounter new glass buildings as our cities grow and develop. Architects are more and more fusing old buildings with new buildings by sandwiching a glass segment as a dividing design feature. Modern glass is now being seen and accepted as a construction product of elegance in comparison to when we experienced bland cold clear  sheets of glass. As a result of this new technology one aspect we are now benefiting from in our homes is the option to bring the outside inside, by installing Glass Curtains.

Tile Renovation
Dirty Terrace Tilesgclt terraceThe area where the Glass Curtains are installed to your property around the Polaris World Golf Resorts will be where the existing exterior terrace tiles are fitted. These terrace tiles are porous and as a consequence absorb the majority of dirt, grease and spills causing unsightly stains to the tiles. Glass Curtains La Torre can effectively restore and seal these tiles to look like new and also protect tiles from further soiling in the future.

Glass Swimming Pool Surrounds
If you own or are responsible for a swimming pool the safety of the surrounding area is paramount. Young children must be kept protected from the unsupervised dangers of water in addition to keeping unwanted animals away.

Glass Curtains La Torre also supply and install high quality safety glass swimming pool surrounds including gates and locks. Glass swimming pool surrounds allow you to maximise the security and protection necessary, but without compromising on style and view.

Glass Balustrades
Glass Balustrades offer a modern slick alternative to traditional concrete or metal structures providing you with uninterrupted views from you terrace or balcony and at the same time providing greater protection from the wind.

Glass Curtains La Torre install Glass balustrades that are very stylish which will also greatly enhance and increase the appearance and value of your property.

Replacement Windows and Doors in uPVC or Aluminium
As part of our comprehensive service we also supply and fit replacement custom made windows and doors in uPVC or Aluminium to suit your property style.

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