Glass Curtains La Torre

Another glass curtain installation in progress

It is essential that any work carried out to your property in Spain is in accordance with your local Town Hall and Urbanisation. Obtaining the appropriate permission and licences are a necessary statutory obligation in Spain. Glass Curtains La Torre are a fully legal registered Spanish company, that will work on your behalf in order to ensure all the necessary paperwork and permissions are obtained prior to the installation of your Glass Curtains.

There are many benefits to installing Glass Curtains. Apart from adding value to your property the most obvious benefit is that you can readily reduce the effects of noise, wind and rain by converting outdoor space into immediate all round living space, providing you with extra comfort and added security. One particular issue in a dry arid climate is that of dust blowing up from the surrounding open areas. Glass Curtains will help alleviate this problem, although you can then watch the dust blowing around outside from within the luxury of your Glass Curtains. Best of all Glass Curtains are very easy to clean, inside and out! All our Glass Curtains are manufactured to the highest safety and quality standards, 10mm toughened glass is standard to all our installations and can be supplied either clear or tinted. We are not tied or contracted to any specific manufacturer, which enables us to source the latest designs and products at the best possible price.

Finally all our Glass Curtains are bespoke tailor-made which means they can be fitted to any space regardless of the shape, size or location. You will be amazed the way Glass Curtains will transform your daily living 365 days year.